Denied Social Security Disability: What To Do If You Aren’t Approved

Whether you have a visible disability or invisible symptoms that prevent you from working, social security benefits can provide you with the income you need to live on. Today, it is easier than ever before to apply for aid and instead of having to make an appointment with your local Social Security office, (although you can if you prefer) you can now apply online. If you are located in Boston, you may wish to consult a social security disability lawyer Boston for the best course of action. This saves not only your time but also gets you through the system faster.  Was your disability caused by a distracted driver?

If you have applied for help but denied social security disability in your case, you have several options. Just because your case has been denied does not mean that you do not still have a very real chance of getting the assistance that you need. Today let’s explore a few frequently asked questions on this subject and what you can do if you are denied social security disability in your State.

How Long Until I Hear Back From the Social Security Administration?

While it would be great to be able to get your outcome quickly… that is just not how social security disability works. There is normally quite the backlog of cases and it can take months for there to be any word on the decision of your case. Thus, if you have applied and not heard back – no news is much better than a denial and, in fact, quite common. Because it can take so long to get a decision, it is advised that you apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled so that your cash flow is never cut off, making it difficult to make ends meet.

Even though there is a wait time and this time will not always be easy, it is important to know that you will be eligible for back pay if you are approved. This is great news and can mean that you receive several thousands of dollars up front which can help you get back on your feet if you were struggling while waiting for assistance.

How Many Times Can I Apply for Social Security Disability Aid?

This is where many people get confused. If you apply for aid but denied social security disability benefits to you, you have the right to not only appeal but also reapply if you feel that your condition has changed. The belief that you can only apply once for the same reason is inaccurate. Many people have symptoms that worsen over time and some simply do not get their case reviewed efficiently. Things can get overlooked… it does happen and it happens a lot. One recent disability case in the news was caused by a serious car crash with a train from Philadelphia and a car crossing into New York City.

If you are holding out on applying for social security disability benefits, you should not wait if you believe that you have a disability that prevents you from doing any work. The sooner that you apply, the quicker you can begin to receive the help that you need and deserve. You should not have to worry about where money will come from for necessities and if you are approved for aid, you will not have to. Do not wait to apply because you are afraid of the outcome. You can always appeal your case worker’s decision, reapply later on or have your case taken over by a lawyer who can help you get the aid that you need.


What Kind of Lawyer Do I To Help Me?

Some people are not sure of the specialty of lawyer to get involved on their case or that hiring a personal injury attorney will come off the wrong way. The truth is that this is just not the case. Every day millions of people just like you turn to lawyers who specialize in unique claims to help them get the assistance that they deserve. A law firm who is knowledgeable in many areas is often well known by the courts and will work very hard to ensure that your case is taken seriously.  One woman was embarrassed to confront a negligent hospital nurse, where a new born was seriously injured by an intoxicated nurse, her drunk husband and in this case the family consulted a medical malpractice lawyer.

Additionally, having a lawyer on your side relieves a lot of unnecessary stress.  In California, personal injury attorneys are quite commonly known, even household names.  In other States like North Dakota, there are far fewer lawsuits.  Whatever your location let your lawyer handle the heavy lifting, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands. Follow up with other avenues such as injury lawyers.

Getting approved for social security disability is not always a battle but when it is… it can help to know that you have someone in your corner. If you are having trouble getting your case taken seriously, do not lose hope. Remember to keep good records with your doctor, documenting symptoms and changes as often as needed. When you do this, whether you are in the process of application now, thinking of applying or ready to make an appeal… you will set the groundwork for an easier road ahead.